29 April 2021 09:23

A look at the benefits of ballet for our bones on International Dance Day

This International Dance Day, we have teamed up with the Royal Osteoporosis Society to look at how Silver Swans classes, and dancing in general, can be a great way to look after our bone health.

Our bones lose density over time, so it is important for us to look after them at every stage of life. Dancing is a great way for us to do this. Research often puts dance ahead of other physical activities in the variety of health benefits that it brings, including improved mobility, posture, co-ordination, balance and energy levels, as well as huge benefits for mental wellbeing. Ballet and dance are also very social activities and classes can be great places to meet new people with a passion and joy for life.

Gerard Charles, RAD’s Artistic Director was in conversation with Sarah Leyland, Clinical Adviser for the Royal Osteoporosis Society and a consultant osteoporosis nurse live on Instagram. They talked about the benefits of ballet for our overall health, including our bones.

The Royal Osteoporosis Society is the UK’s only national charity dedicated to bone health and osteoporosis. They work to improve the bone health of the nation and support everyone with osteoporosis to live well. 

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