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Dance Gazette is our highly-respected international dance publication, produced as part of our mission to promote knowledge, understanding and practice of dance.

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Latest Issue

Teachers matter. We never forget our favourite teachers, who ignited our passions and nurtured our flame. And we never forgive the terrible ones, who squashed our individuality and extinguished our enthusiasm. It’s as true in dance as in any other area of education.

This special issue of Dance Gazette explores the challenges of dance teaching at every level. From new RAD graduates entering the profession to seasoned teachers taking students to the Genée; from ballet stars coaching the world’s great companies to choreographers working with untrained community dancers. Gerard Charles, RAD Artistic Director, draws everything together with his deeply-considered thoughts on 21st-century teaching.



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‘Pam Tanowitz is a choreographer in demand. But what does she demand from her favourite music? Read more in the latest issue.’


Watch and worry

After all their dedicated preparation, a teacher can only sit and hope when their student is in competition. We meet anxious RAD teachers at the Genée in Toronto.

National treasure

As she receives the RAD’s cherished QEII Award, Karen Kain reviews her career, partnering Nureyev and giggling with Margot Fonteyn.

The Italian job

Gerard Charles, RAD Artistic Director, takes time out from the annual Italian summer school to consider how to support both students and teachers.

All new

How do you know dance teaching is the career for you? Newly qualified RAD graduates tell their stories as they enter the profession.

If you don’t want a robot to steal your job, you need the arts!

Tristram Hunt, Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum, shares his passion for arts education.

Coach class

Leading dancers often teach their former roles to new generations – but how do they pass on their knowledge while keeping it fresh?

Community spirit

Teaching choreography to people with no dance training is a challenge – especially on large-scale community projects. We meet artists who inspire non-professionals.