The Philip Richardson collection

Philip Richardson (1875-1963), was born at Winthorpe in Nottinghamshire. In 1910 he founded the Dancing Times magazine with publisher T.M. Middleton and immersed himself in the developing British ballet scene. He became the driving force behind the establishment of many influential committees and associations, including the Association of Teachers of Operatic Dancing of Great Britain (later the RAD), The Camargo Society and the Official Board of Ballroom Dancing.

Richardson’s interest in the history of dance led him to be an astute collector of resources and his personal library contained some of the finest and earliest printed books on dancing. He also acquired some rare documents, press cuttings and illustrations in relation to his research on social dance in England. These valuable, historical resources are held as part of the Philip Richardson archive collection here at the RAD, where he served as Honorary Secretary and Treasurer until his death in 1963.