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A guide to the terminology used in describing RAD exams and procedures. Click on the sections below to expand.

Advanced - previous name for what is now Advanced 2.

Advanced 2 - current name for what used to be the Advanced exam.

AEC - Approved Examination Centre. A venue provided by the applicant where all exams except Solo Seal can take place.

CCEA - Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (the examinations regulator in Northern Ireland).

CBTS - Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies.

Closing date - date by which all exam entries should be received for a published session.

Diary - former publication replaced by Focus on Members.

Elementary - previous name for what is now Intermediate.

Examinations attendant – works in an RAV to ensure the smooth running of exams.

Intermediate - previous name for what is now Advanced 1; current name for what used to be Elementary.

Ofqual – Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) - the examinations regulator in England.

Pre-Elementary - previous name for what is now Intermediate Foundation.

Pre-Intermediate - previous name for what is now Advanced Foundation.

QCF - Qualifications and Credit Framework (withdrawn in 2015).

Qualifications Wales - the examinations regulator in Wales.

RAV - RAD Approved Venue, a venue provided by the RAD where all levels of exam can take place, except for Solo Seal.

RAD Registered Teacher - a teacher who has been awarded RAD Registered Teacher Status (RAD RTS).

RQF - Regulated Qualifications Framework.

Session - a date range during which exams take place in a particular area, region or country.