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Age requirements

It is up to a teacher to identify when a candidate is ready to take an exam. For demonstration classes, the following target ages apply:

LevelTarget age
Level 1 2½ – 3½
Level 2 3½ – 4½ or 5

There are age requirements for RAD exams, class awards, solo performance awards and presentation classes.

The minimum age must have been reached by a specified date before each exam session.

The actual dates are determined on a country-by-country / regional basis. See worldwide minimum age cut off dates .

The cut off dates are included in the 2017 entry form, so when you select your relevant country and session, the entry form will highlight where a candidate will be too young for the session.

Alternatively, contact your local office for dates.

LevelMinimum age
Pre-Primary in Dance 5
Primary in Dance 6
Grades 1-5 7
Grades 6-8 11
Intermediate Foundation 11
Intermediate 12
Advanced Foundation 13
Advanced 1 14
Advanced 2 15
Solo Seal