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Discovering Repertoire

Discovering Repertoire

Details about Discovering Repertoire exams and class awards

Learners have the option of taking regulated examinations recognised at the following levels on the UK qualifications framework:

  • Level 2 (equivalent to Grade 5 / Intermediate Foundation standard)
  • Level 3 (equivalent to Grades 6-8 / Intermediate & Advanced Foundation standard)
  • Level 4 (equivalent to Advanced 1 & 2 standard)

The levels in the Discovering Repertoire programme are aligned to the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) according to the degree of demand (difficulty) at each level. The required knowledge and understanding of the fundamental and relevant technique for the Discovering Repertoire programme means that there is currently no Level 1.

The assessments are designed to be taken in a modular format as individual units:

  • Unit: Class (barre and centre)
  • Unit: Variation 1 (development exercises and Variation 1)
  • Unit: Variation 2 (development exercises and Variation 2)

On completion of each individual unit, candidates will receive a unit certificate.

Candidates who successfully complete all three units of a single level as an exam will be awarded the total level qualification certificate.

Discovering Repertoire exams and class awards can take place in both AECs (Approved Examinations Centres) and RAVs (RAD Approved Venues).

For exam and class award timings, please see Timings.

Further information can be found in our Specifications documents.