10 October 2019 16:15

An RAD family…

We often hear from our members that the RAD feels like a family; this is literally the case for this ballet dancing family from South Africa!

It isn’t every day a boy in South Africa wants to start ballet class. 13-year-old Einon was enjoying kickboxing classes when he heard that ballet would help him with balance and flexibility. As he had been diagnosed with ADHD, his mother, Zany, helped out by attending some classes and helping Einon practice out of hours. Zany, who had no previous dance experience, then plucked up the courage to join an adult ballet class herself. Being a working mum in a busy job in insurance, she found that her ballet classes were a great stress reliever.

Einon’s dad, Pierre, had taken ballet as a child, but had to give it up as he was bullied by other boys his age. Zany persuaded Pierre to join her adult class, believing that it would be great for the family to do something fun together – it also made life easier when Zany and Einon talked about tendus and relevés; Pierre now had an idea what they were talking about!

Ballet has enriched the life of the entire family. It has helped Einon with his memory and coordination, and, outside of the ballet studio, his schooling has improved. Zany feels less stressed and physically stronger. Pierre enjoys the physical benefits of ballet, and feels proud to be an ambassador for Einon and for boys and men who want to dance.

Einon has stopped kickboxing to pursue ballet and has just passed his Grade 5 Solo Performance Award with distinction!