1 December 2022 10:06

Ballet Blizzard

Join us this December 1-8 for a Ballet Blizzard and get the chance to take centre stage on our TikTok channels by recreating the iconic snow scene from The Nutcracker.

Ballet Blizzard is a culmination of Birmingham Royal Ballet's (BRB) partnership with the RAD in creating a joint social media blizzard.

Why is it called a ‘blizzard?'

We are hoping to cause a storm of videos on TikTok and Instagram, which will take over the hashtag #BalletBlizzard, a little like a blizzard would.

How to take part?

We invite you to record your recreation of the snow scene, inspired by the BRB dancers and RAD Ambassadors, for a chance to win some epic prizes.

I want to take part, what do I do now?

  • Step 1: Read the terms and conditions, get some inspiration from Céline Gittens and Alys Shee (below), and download our suggested TikTok sounds.
  • Step 2: Get to work on your version of the snow scene
  • Step 3: Record yourself performing the snow scene
  • Step 4: Upload your video to TikTok and/or Instagram either using one of the songs in the inspiration pack or your own choice, tagging @royalacademyofdance and @bhamroyalballet putting the hashtag #BalletBlizzard in the caption!
  • Step 5: Tell your friends, share on your social channels. We will pick our favourites and announce them on 12 December.

What prizes can you win?

  • Selected RAD merchandise.
  • A public event run by the RAD (online or in person)
  • Tickets to an opening night performance of BRB’s Swan Lake 2023 tour.
  • An online zoom masterclass by RAD Ambassador and Principal Dancer, Céline Gittens.
  • Two tickets to BRB’s The Nutcracker at the Royal Albert Hall.
  • Two tickets plus a backstage tour to any BRB show of your choice at Birmingham Hippodrome.

When do we pick our favourite pieces?

We will only accept entrances on and between the 1 - 8 of December 2022, which have been tagged correctly. The winners will be announced on 12 December 2022. The best of luck!