Postgraduate Diploma in Benesh Movement Notation (PGDBMN)

PGDBMN is the highest taught award in Benesh Movement Notation (BMN), designed as a postgraduate diploma, which prepares students to become Chartered Benesh Choreologists (CBChor). It equips students with the necessary skills to use BMN for the recording and reconstruction of movement to a professional level, and will prepare them for employment as Benesh Choreologists in a repertory dance company.

PGDBMN is a flexible programme, designed to respond to students’ individual needs and circumstances. A combination of distance learning and work placement is undertaken over one year of full-time study or two years of part-time study. The programme may start at any time during the year, at the discretion of the Head of Benesh International.

The programme is only open to those with a comprehensive knowledge of BMN, and normally required potential students to have completed the Professional Award in Benesh Movement Notation (part 2) achieving an overall Distinction mark.

To apply, please complete the below application form and return to Benesh International ( Please note, applicants who have studied a programme other than the Professional Award in Benesh Movement Notation (PABMN) are required to submit a reference.