Freelance Benesh Choreologist Survey

Photo: Maria Helena Buckley

We are excited to launch the Freelance Benesh Choreologists (FBC) survey. The purpose of this survey is so that we can:

  • collect and collate Benesh Choreologists’ experiences to better understand what support you may need from Benesh International as a professional body
  • create a benchmark for industry standards
  • be better able to quantify the use and commercial value of BMN, so that we can better promote it to members, professional companies and the wider industry
  • standardise contractual agreements across the sector
  • give better professional support on employment for Benesh members
  • give better professional support for companies acquiring Benesh Choreologists
  • offer realistic guidelines and professional advice

We invite all Benesh Choreologists who have undertaken freelance roles within the last 5 years (from 2017 onwards) to complete the survey.

Complete the FBC survey