Adult Ballet – Non-Syllabus

A wide range of weekly non-syllabus adult ballet classes are available at RAD Dance School catering for all levels and abilities whether you have no previous ballet experience or are at professional level – and everything in between!

The variety of classes offered provides you with the opportunity to progress through several levels and with the additional option to move in to adult RAD exam syllabus sessions should you wish. All classes are taught by experienced and inspiring teachers in dedicated dance studios, with a live pianist.

How to Apply

Instructions on how to apply, along with the online application form and our terms and conditions are available on our adult classes application page.

Please note that students are only able to enrol into a maximum of 2 non-syllabus classes and are only permitted to enrol until the end of the second week of term. Booking will be closed on Saturday 19 August and applications will no longer be accepted for the remainder of the Autumn term.