Private lessons and personalised programmes

Private lessons offer one-to-one coaching on RAD syllabus or non-syllabus work.

Private lessons

The sessions can assist with preparation for exams, studying a new syllabus, improving your technique for an audition or generally enhancing skills. Private Lessons are available for individuals or groups of up to eight students and are subject to studio and faculty availability.

Private Lesson requests will only be considered on receipt of a completed request form.

2019 Private lesson fees


  • £55 per hour (without pianist)
  • £82 per hour (with pianist)


  • £82 per hour (without pianist)
  • £109 per hour (with pianist)

Personalised programmes

Personalised programmes are individually tailored courses designed to suit the needs of either teachers or students in the form of a single or a series of classes. These programmes may include a variety of subjects including syllabus or non-syllabus ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, musical theatre and Pilates.

Fees for personalised programmes vary according to the programme content and duration.

View the FAQs and booking terms and conditions  for private lessons and personalised programmes and for more information, please contact the Student Activities Team at .