Personalised programmes

Personalised programmes are individually tailored courses designed to suit the needs of either teachers or students in the form of a single or a series of classes.

Content: From non-syllabus or syllabus ballet and repertoire to contemporary, Musical Theatre, and Jazz dance, we can provide expert tuition in a range of dance styles.

Location: We can come to you to deliver the programme in your dance/school setting, or the programme can take place at the RAD headquarters in one of our purpose built studios.

Tour: A guided tour of the building can also be arranged during your visit.

On site at the RAD: Please note that photography is only permitted in the courtyard. Prior permission must be granted for any photography within in the building, where no staff or students are present. The use of flash and tripods is prohibited unless cleared prior to your visit. All photography must be for personal, non-commercial purposes. Images cannot be reproduced in any format or media other than for private viewing. The RAD does not authorise the use of any photos on social media sites.

Fees: Pricing will vary according to the duration and content of the programme and number of students attending.

Apply: Please complete an initial enquiry form at the link shown below, specifying the number of students, the content you would like to study and the number of days. Please highlight any specific dates. On receipt of your enquiry we will be in touch to discuss your requirements in detail, advise on studio availability (if required), and provide a quote.

Contact: To enquire about a Personalised Programme, contact the Student Activities Team at