RAD services update

This page has been updated following the government announcement of the lockdown for England beginning on 5 November 2020.

For RAD Members we are updating the Members’ Area regularly and have plans to create more online content and resources for you.

We have added information on how to approach online classes, music licences and other considerations as well as useful information about business and financial support available. For those who live in an area where in-person teaching is permitted to start again, we have also issued guidelines about how you can re-open safely.

Dance School

The Government has ordered certain businesses and venues to close, including dance studios. Please see full Government guidance here.

Please be aware that the RAD and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) have written a joint letter to the Department for Education and the Department for Culture, Media & Sport, appealing for an exemption for dance classes where the training is directed towards taking an exam and achieving a qualification. You can read a copy of the letter here. Should we be permitted to return to in person classes we will do so as soon as possible.

In the meantime, RAD Dance School will continue to offer classes live online using Zoom. Where possible, we will still have live music but due to technology considerations it will not be possible for all classes.

All Zoom’s security features will be optimized to create a safe and welcoming online environment for the classes.

What does this mean for students who are under 18?

In order to safeguard our students who are under 18 years of age, it is important that a responsible adult is in the room for Zoom participants.  For those classes who ordinarily have an assistant, the assistant will join the teacher as a moderator online but this is not deemed to be a substitute for having a responsible adult present with your student. We would also ask that you kindly adhere to the following policies: Our Student User Agreement for Virtual Dance Classes and our online classes Health and Safety Guidelines.

Dance School Junior Student User Agreement for Virtual Dance Classes

RAD Dance School Adult Student User Agreement for Virtual Dance Classes

RAD Dance School Virtual Dance Classes Health and Safety Guidelines


We have received a response from the UK Department of Education saying that exams for regulated qualifications, such as graded music, dance or performing arts exams, can go ahead during the national restrictions, as long as they are conducted in line with the public health guidance on autumn exams and the guidance specified by the relevant awarding organisation.

Our understanding of the guidelines is that routine face-to-face dance classes cannot continue, and therefore any examination preparation would need to be made via remote learning. We recommend that teachers make decisions about whether to enter candidates for exams in liaison with their candidates and, where relevant, their parents/guardians to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the decision. Dance studios are likewise closed, although with the confirmation from the Department of Education that exams can go ahead, we understand that these spaces can be used for examinations as long as public health guidance is followed.

We have temporarily put in place the following measures to allow us to adapt our exams model during the continuing pandemic and to help us provide examination sessions:

  • We will be limiting extensive examiner travel. International travel will be reviewed by the Director of Examinations to try and ensure the safety of candidates, teachers, examiners and exam day staff/assistants.
  • Teachers and exam organisers must have a risk assessment in place for their examination session.
  • We will be using more examiners who are local to the country/region in which exams are taking place.
  • Filmed exams will remain an option for teachers and candidates until December 2021
  • Where teachers have face-to-face examinations planned, we advise that they also have a ‘plan B’ in place to film, in case of emergencies. That way the work spent on planning the examination day is not wasted.
  • Sessions may not follow normal patterns as organisers react to lockdowns, quarantines or closures – your local office will advise about options in your area.
  • All the format and administrative adaptations previously circulated, e.g. CD permitted for vocational levels, soft ballet shoes permitted for all vocational levels (see document in Members’ Area for a full list) will be in place until December 2021, to help teachers with reduced studio and preparation time for their candidates.
  • Reasonable adaptations of exam procedures (to allow for social distancing) are permitted.

We will review these points regularly, and where we find that conditions are more stable and travel less restrictive, we will relax these measures.

As you may be aware, we usually minimise instances of examiners being allocated to tours in areas close to where they live and work, to avoid conflicts of interest with pupils they may have taught, coached or examined in the previous two years. Using the above temporary model, examiners will be examining closer to home and it may not always be possible to follow this policy. Please be assured that we will closely monitor any possible conflicts of interest, using information from both teachers and examiners, and we will ensure that all cases are logged with the Quality Assurance Manager.

We will try to be as flexible and pragmatic as we can, to provide an examinations service for our teachers and candidates during this time.

Contact exams@rad.org.uk or your local office for further information or visit: the RAD Examinations during the pandemic


All UK based face-to-face CPD activities are currently postponed with the view to offer these activities as soon as reasonably possible in the next CPD year. International CPD activity is subject to the current government guidance of that country, please email your National Office for further information.

Declarations 2019/2020: Many of you may have already completed your CPD requirement. However, we recognise that the current exceptional circumstances mean that some of you may face difficulties in fulfilling the required CPD hours. If this is the case, when it is time to declare your CPD please indicate that you are Eligible for Exemption. Declarations are now open in the Members’ Area.

We will continue to offer a number of online activities, including online courses available for set periods, EduCare courses which can be completed at your own pace, webinars which broadcast live at designated times and are recorded for you to watch at your leisure, and live interactive webinars. In the coming months, we will explore live streaming activities as well. Please keep an eye on our Upcoming CPD activities page. If you have questions please contact cpd@rad.org.uk or your local office.

Events & Centenary Programme

Centenary plans

2020 was meant to be a year of celebration for the RAD and for our members, with a full programme of centenary events taking place around the world. Needless to say, the advent of Covid-19 meant that all of our plans were cancelled or postponed.

Despite the circumstances, we hope you’ll agree that it is still important to recognise this landmark in our history in some way, albeit in a perhaps less celebratory manner given the situation in which so many find themselves.

Starting from this December (and running throughout 2021) we will focus on telling the story of the RAD as an organisation with 100 years’ worth of experience and expertise, along with the stories of our teachers, examiners and students from around the world.

Step into Dance

Step into Dance will provide face to face classes in schools for those who wish to continue their sessions, unless government guidance advises otherwise. We will also offer online classes to any schools who cannot continue with face to face sessions.

Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education is accepting applications for all our programmes that commence from September 2021 onwards, but we have moved our application, audition and interview process online. If you are looking to apply you must email your application and reference to faculty@rad.org.uk. Read more on how to apply.

We’ve been working hard on-site to prepare for the start of term in September so that we are ready to welcome our colleagues and new and returning students. We plan to offer a flexible model of delivery that combines onsite activities, complemented by online delivery and are introducing a host of new measures to ensure we all stay safe and COVID-19 secure. We will be following government and industry-specific safe practice recommendations and we will continue to monitor the situation and review the guidelines we offer students throughout the term. If you have any specific concerns, please email faculty@rad.org.uk.

Library & Archive

Access to the collections onsite is currently restricted to RAD Staff, Dance Studies and Faculty of Education students, Monday to Friday, by appointment only. A Book and Collect service is available through the library catalogue.

Our remote enquiry service is operating as usual and copies of materials may be provided through photography/scanning where appropriate. Further information about services and our contact details.

RAD shop

The RAD shop is only open online and for click and collect. Click and collect customers are asked to ring the doorbell outside the main entrance and wait outside until a member of staff can bring their order to them.

For more detailed information or to place an order, visit the RAD Enterprises website.