12 August 2020 - 16 August 2020

Benesh ASC (Rehearsal Skills) – Creating and Delivering a Rehearsal Plan (August)

In this self-tutored course, participants will look at the many factors to be considered when creating a rehearsal plan for teaching or restaging a choreographic work from a Benesh Movement Notation score, and explore the methods which can be utilised to ensure efficient and effective time in the studio.

To successfully complete the course, it is required you upload your completed study tasks before the end of the course.


  • To encourage a more informed approach to teaching/restaging a choreographic work.
  • To promote consistent and effective good practice in the studio.
  • To examine the range of factors to be considered when constructing a teaching plan.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will:

  • Have increased understanding of how to be fully prepared for teaching/restaging a work.
  • Have improved your ability to produce an effective rehearsal plan.
  • Have enhanced awareness of factors that will affect session structure, content and delivery.
  • Have consolidated existing knowledge and experience through self-evaluation.

CPD Hours

8 hours Time-Valued CPD


This course is delivered via our Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle), and is self-tutored.

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Key Information

Members - £75
Non-members - £95

Who can attend?

Proven basic knowledge of Benesh Movement Notation required – BMN for Ballet unit 1 or participation in a 1 day BMN workshop or equivalent

A minimum of 5 participants is required for the course to run. If this number is not met, any participants will be offered an alternative date.