11 April 2023 - 15 April 2023

Silver Swans Easter Course 2023 (London)

The Silver Swans Easter Course offers dancers the chance to join us for a week long course during the Easter holidays.

RAD Silver Swans. Photo: David Tett

Two levels of Ballet and Repertoire classes are available for you to choose from. These classes will gradually develop your technique and understanding as the week progresses, featuring live piano accompaniment to add to your enjoyment. An informal studio sharing will take place on the last day for you to perform the repertoire piece you have been working on throughout the week to friends and family.

Also on offer is an open level Pilates class which you can book in combination with a ballet and repertoire class or as a stand alone class. Pilates classes will compliment the ballet classes and support you with exercises designed to build core strength, improve posture and flexibility and maintain your overall well-being.

Bookings for this course have now closed. If you would like to enquire, please email participate@rad.org.uk

Key Information

Age Duration Fee Closing Date
Suggested age 55+ A 5-day course, with 1.5 hours of ballet and repertoire class each day. Add on an optional Pilates class. £60- £90 depending on class 27 March 2023 12:00pm

Who can attend?

Recommended for those aged 55+. Pilates classes are open level. There are two different levels of ballet and repertoire classes to choose from:

Level 1: Suitable for those who have just started their Silver Swans journey and would like to improve their skills, with up to 2 years experience.

Level 2:
Suitable for those who have been attending regular Silver Swans ballet and movement classes for at least 2 years or more.


Tuesday 11 – Saturday 15 April 2023


Royal Academy of Dance
188 York Road
SW11 3JZ


  • Ballet and Repertoire Level 1 or 2: £90
  • Pilates Open Level: £60


  • Ballet and Repertoire Level 1: 11.00am – 12.30pm (Limited Spaces Available)
  • Ballet and Repertoire Level 2: 2.00pm – 3.30pm (SOLD OUT)
  • Pilates Open Level: 12.45pm – 1.45pm (Spaces Available)

Why choose Pilates?

Pilates benefits Dancers: in fact, Pilates benefits every body.

So, what is Pilates?

Joseph Pilates was a man who created 34 moves in a system he called ‘Contrology’ or ‘Conscious Movement’. He worked with ballet dancers, often injured ones, who then took their understanding into their companies. And so, Contrology became an important discipline within these companies.

Why do Contrology aka Pilates?

Wendy grounds her teaching of Contrology in his moves, and everything she teaches is underpinned by robust scientific studies and understanding. She works the full body in every session by cueing you through flowing Pilates moves, often in discrete parts. With Wendy, you’ll discover every muscle group, and know how to maintain strength, while dancing with control and flexibility.

Pilates will show you any imbalances you might have, and the result will be that you become super aware and able to heal, giving your body balanced strength, literally from top to toe. You will feel and control the training you give to every body part. You will progress, because your body continually adapts and is fluid. You will access every part of your body, from the deepest layers outwards, and this is true whether you’re feeling fabulous, a bit stiff, or recovering from an injury. We are all fluid, and Pilates will heal you from the inside out.

As your knowledge develops, and your body adapts, you’ll perfect your tone and master the moves with a complete understanding of the why, how, where and what, and be fully aware of how it relates to ballet. Your training will enhance every moment of every ballet move. With this knowledge, dancers consciously call upon their muscles in their training and performance, which takes their technique and work to another level.

You will also learn how to use your breath – this tool alone enriches life skills, core and emotional connection, exam technique, and is deeply calming. Pilates enriches the body and mind.

You will find your body is balanced, stabilised, and aligned in every session, and you will take that knowledge into your everyday life too. You will always know how to maintain strength and flexibility in all that you do, without any stress or strains, and you’ll be equipped with the wonderful knowledge of how to consciously relax every muscle, easing body and mind. You’ll be life-ready and dance-ready with strength, awareness, and calmness, from the inside out.


Sarah Platt – Ballet and Repertoire

Wendy Jardine – Pilates

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Booking process

  • Places are limited in each class and secured on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Payment is required at the time of booking.
  • An automatic email will be sent via the booking platform Cvent to confirm your registration and payment were successful. Please note, the timings and dates displayed on this page supersedes the information provided on Cvent.
  • Please quote the Cvent order no/ticket reference when contacting the RAD with any queries related to your booking.
  • Please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions, which includes the RAD’s cancellation policy.
  • When a class is fully-booked, a waiting list will be activated. The Learning and Participation Team will contact you via email should a suitable place become available.
  • After the closing date, you will receive an additional confirmation by email, detailing registration times, suggested dress, and all other relevant information for the course and venue.
  • For all queries, please email participate@rad.org.uk.


Please complete the registration form in Cvent by clicking the ‘book now’ button and ensure you check the ticket details carefully. If the ticket you wish to book appears sold out, please apply online for the free Waiting List Ticket.

Please ensure you have read our Summer Events Terms & Conditions carefully before you apply. You will need to confirm your acceptance of these terms when you register your place.

The RAD uses Cvent for ticketing and registration for events (including workshops, masterclasses, CPD, and a range of free activities). We only store your personal information in order to register and facilitate your attendance and to request feedback. We will not use your information to contact you unless you have opted to receive marketing materials, or have signed up for our e-newsletter. For further details on how your information is processed, please see the Student Activities Privacy Notice.

Please note, in the event of injury or medical emergency during the activity a qualified First Aider from Royal Academy of Dance will provide necessary treatment and assistance to the participant. Please see our Terms & Conditions for further information on this.  

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