2 March 2020 16:00

February centenary events round-up

February saw more centenary celebrations held around the world. Here we have reports from Greece and the UK.

100 wishes to RAD

Thessaloniki, Greece hosted an event at the Egnatia Palace Hotel on 7 February. Attendees also came from nearby Kastoria and Alexandreia. Among those on teh night was a teacher who took the first RAD examination in Northern Greece in 1972. Another teacher was the owner of a dance school that opened in Thessaloniki in 1973.

All teachers wrote their best wishes to RAD and displayed them a board – here you can read some of the messages.

100 wishes to RAD (part 2)

On 13 February, the British Council in Athens hosted an event for teachers to celebrate the RAD’s 100th birthday.

The evening began with a video and a brief presentation on the history of the RAD in Greece. Maya Sofou, the first Greek national representative was in attendance, and shared stories from the organisations’s first years in Greece.

Pioneers of the RAD: Focus on Tamara Karsavina Webinar

Dr Kathrina Farrugia-Kriel presented the first webinar in the Pioneers of the RAD series on 28 February. Through exploration of film, books, syllabi and teaching notes, participants gained insight into the pedagogical heritage of Tamara Karsavina, the Combined and Technical Syllabus (1954), now known as the Karsavina Syllabus, and the pedagogical legacy in the writings of Karsavina. Highlights included film clips of Karsavina performing in 1909 and 1925, as well as students performing Port de bras No. 1, 2 and 3 from the 1998 filming of the Karsavina Syllabus coached by Joanne O’Hara.

81 people signed up for the webinar from all over the world, including Singapore, Norway, Spain, Jordan, Mexico, Canada, and Peru.

100 leaps!

Best Pointe Ballet in Torquay hosted 100 Leaps! on leap year day, 29 February. Students, their families and the public performed 100 grand jetés to celebrate the RAD centenary.

The event was covered on local TV and radio – listen to the report on BBC Sounds.

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