Fellowship of the Institute of Choreology – nomination guidelines

  • The Fellow of the Institute of Choreology (FI Chor.) is the highest award given by the
    RAD in recognition of outstanding and exceptional service rendered over a substantial
    period of time to the Benesh Institute and Benesh Movement Notation.
  •  Employees of the Academy, either full-time or contracted, are not eligible to receive the
  • Proposers, who must be Members of the Royal Academy of Dance, are asked to give as
    much detail as possible about their nominee and their reasons for making the
    nomination. A letter of recommendation should be attached to the Nomination Form.
  • All nominations must be supported by at least one Seconder, who must also be a
    Member of the Royal Academy of Dance, with a letter of support attached to the
    Nomination Form.
  • Nominations are considered by the Awards Committee, which is Chaired by the
    President of the RAD, and made up of members of the Executive Committee. The
    Committee meets once a year in April/May.
  • The decision of the Awards Committee is final and the Committee will not enter into
    any correspondence about their decision, nor will they inform the Proposer or
    Seconder of the success or otherwise of the nomination. Nominations will be
  • If Proposers and Seconders wish unsuccessful nominations to be reconsidered at a later
    date, the nomination procedure must be followed as if submitting a new nomination.
  • Nominations without the supporting documentation will be considered to be
  • Incomplete nominations will not be considered by the Committee.
  • All nominations will be acknowledged but nominations not received in time for the
    meeting of the Awards Committee will be held over until the following year’s meeting.
  • When nomination documents are complete, please send them to The Office of the Chief
    Executive, Royal Academy of Dance, 36 Battersea Square, London SW11 3RA.
    N.B. Guidance for Nominators
  • A nomination must include detailed information about the careers of the
    individual and give a full account of what the Proposer and Seconder consider to
    be the nominee’s outstanding and exceptional service to a) the Benesh Institute
    and b) Benesh Movement Notation in general. It would be helpful if nomination
    documents were typewritten.
  • Date Format:MM slash DD slash YYYY
    (please tick once attached)
  • Please send nomination form and supporting documentation to:The Office, of the Chief Executive, Royal Academy of Dance, 36 Battersea Square, London SW11 3RA