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Frequently asked questions

Find answers here to commonly asked questions about our work and activities.
Yes. You can complete your CPD requirement by participating in activities offered by the RAD as well as those offered by other providers.

Examples of CPD activities include:

  • Degree programmes, professional awards and short courses offered by a recognised higher education institution

  • Online or distance learning units courses/workshops and modules

  • Face to face practical workshops and training sessions

If you undertake activities run by an organisation other than the RAD or an RAD Endorsed Provider* they do need to meet our External CPD Requirements.

These requirements are as follows -

The activity must have:

  1. clearly stated aims and objectives

  2. demonstrable learning outcomes

  3. be relevant to your dance teaching career

  4. be able to be evidenced e.g. you obtain a certificate/proof of participation

It is up to you to make sure that any external CPD activities meet these criteria, and the course provider should be able to help you check that the activity meets these criteria. However, the CPD team are always happy to talk you through the criteria and to help with any questions.

*CPD Endorsed Providers are organisations that offer learning activities allowing dance teachers to enhance their knowledge and skills. By giving endorsement, the RAD is confirming that the content, format and hours involved are appropriate for the subject matter and for participants. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to!

All RAD CPD activities carry the CPD logo and state the number of hours allocated to them.

The number of RAD CPD hours allocated to RAD activities include preparation, reflection and networking time. For RAD activities a six hour face to face workshop will be allocated eight hours of CPD.

If you choose to complete your CPD requirement by taking an activity through another provider, you are responsible for checking that the activity meets the external criteria for RAD CPD and the number of CPD hours you can claim, for example if you participate in a 2-hour online workshop, you can claim 2 hours of Time-valued. Please note that you cannot claim any CPD hours for any preparation, reflection or networking you undertake around activities completed through another provider.

All teachers registered with the RAD including Life Registered Teaching members are expected to complete the minimum CPD requirement. We do not and will not discriminate, positively or otherwise on the grounds of age.

However, if you are a Life Registered Teacher and you are no longer teaching the RAD Syllabus or entering candidates for RAD examinations you will not be required to complete any CPD unless you choose to. However, you need to contact the membership team so that your records can be updated to reflect this. You can do this by emailing

If you are an active RAD Registered Life Teacher (i.e. actively teaching and entering candidates for examinations) please ensure that you declare that you’ve met your CPD requirement or apply for an exemption before the 30 June each year.

Yes. If you wish to maintain your registration with the RAD, you need to complete your CPD requirement.
We are not asking you to do more, but to give weight to the work you do. As the scheme puts an emphasis on continuing skills, CPD will not be backdated.

We recognise that our teachers work incredibly hard, and have spent time and money building up the skills that make them excellent teachers. The Continuing Professional Development scheme aims to recognise that hard work, and make sure others recognise the dedication of RAD teachers to their profession.

RAD headquarters will undertake a 5% annual audit of the worldwide teaching membership.

During July and August, teachers randomly selected as part of the audit will be contacted and asked to submit evidence of their CPD activities.

The RAD is committed to producing the best teachers in the world. By introducing a CPD scheme, we will be able to provide evidence that our teachers are at the forefront of dance education and training, and that they have the most up-to-date knowledge and skills.

By recognising the learning you do, CPD also gives you the chance to take an active role in your career development, and to pursue any personal interests you have.

A false declaration regarding completion of a CPD activity will be regarded as a breach of the Code of Conduct and Professional Practice.

If a teacher of the RAD should know of, or become aware of, any breach of Code of Conduct and Professional Practice they should notify their National Office in writing. The National Office will investigate the issue on a case by case basis.

The CPD year runs from 1 July – 30 June. If during this time you are studying either full or part-time on an RAD Faculty of Education programme this will count towards some, if not all, of your CPD requirement for that year.

How do I calculate how many hours of my programme counts towards my CPD requirement?

To work out hours of your programme counts towards your CPD requirement you need to know how many credits your module/award/programme carries. Usually one credit is equal to a notional 10 study hours. So if your module carries 15 credits that is equal to approximately 150 notional study and CPD hours.

If you have any questions about this, please email the CPD team .

Teachers who do not meet their annual CPD requirement and who are not granted a Full Exemption will be subject to sanctions as outlined in the Code of Conduct and Professional Practice for Teachers registered with the Royal Academy of Dance.

Sanctions will escalate in severity in response to an individual teachers’ record of CPD compliance.

Sanctions have been devised following a staged process outlined below:

  • Written warning(s)

  • Suspension of RTSRAD Registered Teacher status (3 months)

  • Suspension of RAD Registered Teacher status RTS (6 months)

  • Suspension of RAD Registered Teacher status RTS (12 months)

  • Removal of teacher registration for a period of 3 years

  • Expulsion from membership and permanent removal from the RAD’s teaching register

Teachers will be offered the right of appeal in the face of a suspension of their membership.

For more information on sanctions, please visit