23 February 2020 07:33

Genée 2019 Image Gallery

The 62 candidates from 13 nationalities have completed 5 days of coaching with the international faculty, including Gerard Charles, RAD Artistic Director and Giaconda Barbuto, Commissioned Choreographer who has created two solos on and with the candidates, set to Vivaldi Cello Concerto in B Minor and Chopin Prelude in B minor. These two pieces, (male and female) will be premiered at the Final on Thursday 29 August at the Four Seasons Performing Arts Centre, accompanied by live piano and cellist Dobrochna  Zubek. As the candidates compete in Day 2 of the Semi-finals we share behind the scenes images from the last five days of coaching.

All photos: Bruce Zinger

Watch our short teaser to whet your appetite for the final here