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Renew your membership
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Silver Swans Licensee Training

Silver Swans Licensee Training
Launched in 2017, the RAD’s Silver Swans initiative is an exciting business opportunity for experienced ballet teachers to extend their expertise and tap into the growing adult dance market.

ALREADY a LicenseE?

Access the Silver Swans teacher resources.

Silver Swans® classes are aimed at over-55s and delivered by qualified dance professionals, licensed to deliver branded Silver Swans ballet classes.  They have been developed in response to a growing and discerning mature market, drawing on the RAD's own research into the benefits of dance for older learners.

SILVER SWANS Licensee Training

Prior to September 2018, Silver Swans ran as a pilot in the UK, USA and Australia, while we prepared for a global rollout later in the year. There are now over 300 Licensees across the UK, USA and Australia who are delivering Silver Swans branded ballet classes to the over 55s.

In order to become a Silver Swans Licensee, you must take part in one of our Silver Swans Licensee Training sessions. Eligibility criteria for these sessions are as follows. You must:

  • hold RAD Registered Teacher status, or
  • an Intermediate ballet qualification or equivalent;
    Plus a ballet teaching qualification at Level 4, or can show evidence of ballet teaching experience in professional contexts

Try our quick guide to checking your application eligibility.

What will Silver Swans Licensee Training cost me?

  1. You will pay a fee for your training - the cost of a non-syllabus CPD workshop is £119 for RAD Members and £166 for non-members.
  2. If you are not an RAD Registered Teacher, you will also pay a license fee that is pro-rated one-twelfth of the annual license fee, commencing the calendar month following your Silver Swans Licensee Training session. Full and Affiliate members will receive a 50% discount on this fee.

The annual license fee for 2018/19 is set at £120.

For training taking place in September 2018:

Membership category Cost of Licensee Training (CPD) Cost of license to 31 August 2019 Total payable at point of registration
RAD Registered Teacher £119 £0 £119
Full Member £119 £55 £174
Affiliate Member £119 £55 £174
Friend £119 £110 £229
Non-member £166 £110 £276

For training taking place in February 2019:

Membership category Cost of Licensee Training (CPD) Cost of license to 31 August 2019 Total payable at point of registration
RAD Registered Teacher £119 £0 £119
Full Member £119 £30 £149
Affiliate Member £119 £30 £149
Friend £119 £60 £179
Non-member £166 £60 £226

3. For the 2018/2019 year, all costs will be made at the point of registration for Silver Swans Licensee Training.

2018/19 Silver Swans Licensee Training 

Important: If you are not an RAD Registered Teacher, before you sign up for one of the above workshops, you must first complete the pre-verification form to confirm your eligibility. This form can be submitted at any time throughout the year but must be by the deadlines as specified on the form if you are interested in taking part in a specific workshop. Failure to submit a fully completed application may delay your application’s approval. Your application will be reviewed within five working days of the application closing date.

If there are no workshops in your area, sign up to our waiting list and we will send you details of future workshops once available.

Benefits of the license

Following successful completion of the Licensee Training session, you will become a Silver Swans Licensee. This entitles you to:

  •  deliver Silver Swans branded ballet classes
  •  use the Silver Swans Licensee logo
  • have access to the marketing toolkit where you will find a range of resources to help you promote your classes
  •  have your contact details listed on our global map
  • buy Silver Swans dancewear at a discount.
We have recently introduced Terms & Conditions and a Code of Conduct that all Silver Swans Licensees must abide by in order to retain their license.

Silver Swans is a registered trademark of the Royal Academy of Dance in the UK, European Union and the USA and an unregistered trademark in other territories. Only Silver Swans Licensees are eligible to deliver Silver Swans classes and use the brand name and logo.


All current Silver Swans Licensees can be found on our global mapIf you are a teacher on the pilot and your details do not appear on the map, please complete this form.

To amend your details and for any queries, email .