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Silver Swans Licensee Training fees


  1. You will pay a fee for your training - the cost of a non-syllabus CPD workshop is £119 for RAD Members and £166 for non-members.
  2. If you are not an RAD Registered Teacher, you will also pay a license fee that is pro-rated one-twelfth of the annual license fee, commencing the calendar month following your Silver Swans Licensee Training session. Full and Affiliate members will receive a 50% discount on this fee.
  3. For the 2018/2019 year, all costs will be made at the point of registration for Silver Swans Licensee Training.

The annual license fee for September 2018 to August 2019 is set at £120.

Example - for training taking place in February 2019:

Membership category Cost of Licensee Training (CPD) Cost of license to 31 August 2019 Total payable at point of registration
RAD Registered Teacher £119 £0 £119
Full Member £119 £30 £149
Affiliate Member £119 £30 £149
Friend £119 £60 £179
Non-member £166 £60 £226