Changes to RAD Membership

We are pleased to announce that we are making some exciting changes to the membership scheme as we approach the RAD’s 100th year.

From 1 September 2019 the following changes will come into effect:

  1. RAD Friend
    The current Friends scheme will be discontinued.
  2. Affiliate Member
    This category will be renamed RAD Member and will be opened up to anyone with an interest in and passion for dance or the RAD.
  3. Full Member
    This category will be renamed RAD Member Plus. The minimum eligibility for this category will now be RAD Intermediate Foundation (Pre-Elementary).
  4. Concessionary rates
    We have new concessionary rates available for both RAD Member and RAD Member Plus categories. Concessionary rates offer a 50% discount to members who are under 18, over 65, in full-time education, or not currently working. Please note the new concessionary rates do not apply to members residing in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa or the USA.

Member feedback on the changes:

“I think the new names are a lot clearer, they sound like descriptions instead of old fashioned language that isn’t used very often.”

“I would very much welcome moving to RAD Membership Plus and would have no objection to paying a higher membership fee.”

Why are we making these changes?

Research we conducted over the past year showed us members didn’t really understand the meaning of ‘Affiliate’ or ‘Full’ membership, and that these words didn’t accurately represent what it means to be a member of the RAD.

We want membership to be easy to understand for everyone worldwide. That’s why we are renaming two of our membership categories.

We believe that anyone with an interest in and passion for dance should be able to be a part of our work by becoming a member, and that’s why we’re opening up our RAD Member category so that anyone can join, regardless of their achievements in RAD exams.

This means RAD Friends will now have the opportunity to join one of our membership categories and gain access to more benefits.

Those who have passed an RAD vocational exam will now also progress to RAD Member Plus. This makes it a more suitable category for those members taking vocational examinations and thinking about progressing their career in dance.

Finally, we are pleased to introduce new concessionary rates, making membership more accessible and inclusive.

Over the next year we’ll be focusing on developing your benefits to ensure they’re relevant to you so keep an eye on the Members’ Area for future updates.


We reserve the right to make changes to the membership scheme as per the RAD’s Supplemental Charter & Bye-Laws:

  1. Classes of Members

1.1 There shall be two classes of Members: full Members and affiliate Members.

1.2 The Board may, for descriptive, administrative and subscription purposes, designate categories of Members within each class of Members.