Mental Health Awareness Week

9-15 May 2022

This year, Mental Health Awareness Week is about raising awareness of the impact of loneliness on our mental health and the practical steps we can take to address it.

At the RAD, we believe dance is a powerful tool for social connection, with an uplifting effect for young and old alike. See below for inspirational stories, training courses for tackling mental health concerns in dance students, and wider mental health resources.

Members can view further resources aimed at dancer wellbeing in the Wellbeing Toolkit in the Members’ Area, with articles exclusively available for RAD Registered Teachers.

Dr Guddi’s dance journey

"To me, it speaks of this connection between the mind and the body, which we all too often ignore in modern medicine and in healthcare. And the reason that dance appeals to me is because it taps into both of those things."
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Leave it at the Door

Teacher, Heather Shrimpton, on her ‘Leave it at the Door’ programme aiming to embed mental wellness within the Alloa Ballet Company.
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Dance Teaching as Art, Craft and Creativity

20–24 July, University of Salford and online. Take part in a range of professional development activities that will inform and inspire your teaching practice.
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Sarah Aspinall

“Growing up I was a painfully shy child and it showed itself in so many ways. Dance became a huge part of my life. I never felt shy when I was dancing.”

“I needed to try and find a better way of living my life for the sake of my mental health and wellbeing. It was finding a New York City Ballet Workout class that reminded me I had danced because I loved it and it happened to keep me in shape. So why not do that now?”

“Movement was the real catalyst for change…What has saved me as a child was saving me all over again.”

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Mental health and wellbeing plan: discussion paper and call for evidence

The government in England have published a discussion paper and call for evidence, seeking views on what they can do to improve everyone’s mental health and wellbeing.

The consultation closes at Find out more and participate.