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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common queries below.

Can I donate material to the Library and Archives?

The Philip Richardson Library at the Royal Academy of Dance is pleased to accept donations of dance-related material that complement or enhance existing collections. The Library reserves the right to dispose of any material that is no longer needed or falls outside the scope of our existing collections. Donations may not be accepted if you wish to place any restrictions on their use or disposal.

Books, Journals, CDs and DVDs

Please email us a list of the items that you are offering before you send us any items. You can search our catalogue first to reduce the chances of offering items that we already hold. Any items received which are not suitable to add to stock will usually be sold with most of the income used to support the RAD and a small amount going towards supporting the work of the Literacy Trust.

Archive material

If you wish to donate to the archives, please contact the Archives & Records Manager to discuss the suitability of the material you wish to donate.