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Online resources

Online resources
The RAD’s early history – as the Association of Teachers of Operatic Dancing of Great Britain - was documented in the Dancing Times magazine.

This included the publication of the first Elementary Operatic Syllabus  , the Intermediate Examination Syllabus  , and the first section of the Advanced Syllabus .

In 1930 the first issue  of The Operatic Association Gazette was published and the ensuing run, available in the library, provides a comprehensive outline of the RAD’s development to the present day. The First Seventy Five Years were summarized in an anniversary brochure by Derek Parker, published in 1995.

Library Resources

In 1977, the RAD translated and published a rare pamphlet which was written by August Bournonville in 1828, when he was just 23 years old. A limited edition at the time, the New Year’s Gift for Dance Lovers reveals much about Bournonville’s ideals, beliefs and technical knowledge.


Photos from the GBL Wilson archive are available for viewing on the Arenapal website.