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Library News

The latest news from the Philip Richardson Library.

RAD Book Club review: The Goldfinch

24 May 2018

RAD Book Club’s latest read was The Goldfinch, an award-winning coming-of-age novel by writer Donna Tartt, which follows Theo Decker’s fortune across America as he grows into adulthood while coping with grief and longing. Eight of us met on Tuesday to discuss our thoughts. Read more »

RAD Book Club review: The Miniaturist

21 Mar 2018

RAD Book Club’s latest meeting was about 'The Miniaturist', an engaging exploration of history, drama and suspense. It is the first novel by Jessie Burton and was inspired by a doll’s house in the Rijksmuseum, in Amsterdam. Read more »

RAD Book Club review: I Love Dick

21 Feb 2018

RAD Book Club met last Tuesday to discuss 'I love Dick', an epistolary novel at the intersection between fiction, essay and memoir, by American writer and filmmaker Chris Kraus. Read more »

RAD Book Club review: His Bloody Project

29 Sep 2017

Book Club met last Tuesday to discuss 'His Bloody Project' by Graeme Macrae Burnett, a crime novel, presented as historic documents relating the case of a brutal triple homicide committed by Roddy Macrae around 1869. Read more »

RAD Book Club review: Fahrenheit 451

13 Jul 2017

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is set in a dystopian future where books are banned and firemen track down and burn all those that they find. It seemed a fitting read for our last Book Club of this series. Read more »

RAD Book Club review: Fight Club

08 Jun 2017

We met last Tuesday to discuss 'Fight Club' by Chuck Palahniuk, in which an unnamed insomniac protagonist narrates his experiences in support groups, his relationship with Marla, Tyler, and the creation and running of 'Fight Club'. Read more »

RAD Book Club review: The Book Thief

16 Feb 2017

Book Club’s latest book was 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak. The story follows Liesel Meminger as she adjusts to a new life in Germany after being taken in by a foster family. However, the events leading up to the Second World War creep into the daily life of her family and friends and lead her into situations that test her strength and courage. Read more »

New Fonteyn display

15 Dec 2016

The Library & Archives have recently installed a new ‘Margot Fonteyn’ display in the Fonteyn Centre reception area. Read more »

The Great British Book-Off!

12 Oct 2016

On Friday 28 October, RAD Book Club will be holding a book and cake sale to raise money for the Royal National Institute for the Blind’s ‘Wear Dots… Raise Lots!’ campaign to raise money to transcribe books into braille. Read more »

RAD Book Club review: The Girl on the Train

27 Jul 2016

This week we discussed the bestselling ‘The Girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins. We also thoroughly enjoyed some homemade gin & tonic cupcakes, to link to the main character’s favourite train beverage! Read more »