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Grant Kennedy on using the iPad for class

The benefits of using an iPad for ballet classes.

5_3_3_grant-kennedy-ipad-image.JPGGrant Kennedy, full-time pianist for RAD Australia got tired of carrying heavy music scores around with him to ballet studios.

Then he saw a story about orchestras starting to use iPads as music stands, and decided to scan his class repertoire and upload it all to his new iPad – and Grant now has 8000 pages of music on it! He has also purchased a sheet music pdf reader which enables him to navigate and annotate the collection on his iPad. An AirTurn wireless foot pedal allows him to turn the page without his hands leaving the keyboard.

'I got sick of carrying around a back-breakingly heavy amount of sheet music. Now its all contained in one slim, intelligent piece of technology I don't have to worry about a sore back' he says. Some pianists say they have reservations about the readability of music on the iPad but he hasn't found the size of the screen off-putting. 'I cannot recommend it highly enough, it has changed my playing life. I'm more adventurous and hopefully more inspiring in my accompaniment' he says.