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A Project B Film Screening: Danseur (2018)

02 Aug 2018 / Tags: UK, Project B

A Project B Film Screening: Danseur (2018)
Project B to host Danseur (2018) screening and panel discussion in London (United Kingdom), Wellington (New Zealand), and Sydney (Australia)

On 9 September, the Royal Academy of Dance will host a Project B screening of Danseur (2018), a film which examines how men in ballet overcome the struggles of social bias, and features artists from major ballet companies, including James Whiteside (American Ballet Theatre) and John Lam (Boston Ballet) as well as young male dance students. The London screening will be followed by a series of screenings supported by the Academy in New Zealand and Australia.

Kevin O’Hare CBE, Director of the Royal Ballet, devoted Project B supporter and one of the Academy’s newest Trustee members, will sit on a panel of dance experts at the London screening to discuss the film and its relevance today. The panel will also feature Scott Gormley, Director and Producer of Danseur, Claire-Louise West, Executive Headteacher and Lecturer in the Faculty of Education, and Shevelle Dynott, Artist with English National Ballet and Genée International Ballet Competition 2004 medallist.

This Project B screening is an opportunity for dance teachers, male dance students and their families, as well as members of the dance world, to discuss the challenges and benefits of being a male dancer today. O’Hare is 'delighted to support RAD’s Project B. Helping to get more boys and young men dancing at a grassroots level is an investment for the future.' O’Hare believes that 'ballet companies and students alike will benefit enormously from this creative initiative that exercises both body and mind.' Dynott admits that 'growing up in ballet I didn’t have many role models that looked like me, so if becoming an ambassador [for Male Dance] can inspire more boys from different backgrounds to dance I will be very happy indeed.'

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Danseur (2018) is produced in partnership with NuArts Foundation, a non-profit organisation committed to extending the dreams of young men in ballet. 

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