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Awards Day 2015

09 Jul 2015 / Tags: UK, Events, Faculty of Education, Awards

Awards Day 2015
The annual RAD Awards Day took place on Wednesday 8 July at St Mary’s Church, Battersea.

Around 150 students gathered at RAD HQ for this very special celebration, travelling from as far as Australia, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore, to Germany, Italy and Portugal; a total of over 20 countries around the world. RAD CEO Luke Rittner welcomed guests whilst RAD President Darcey Bussell presented certificates to each student. Chief Executive of The Place, Kenneth Olumuyiwa Tharp, gave an inspirational and thought-provoking speech, followed by closing remarks from the new RAD Chairman Guy Perricone.

Fellowship Awards were presented to Kerry Rubie, former RAD Chairman and Richard Thom, former Director of Finance and Administration at the RAD.

After the ceremony guests enjoyed afternoon tea in the courtyard with music by the Quintabile brass ensemble.

Hannah goodchild says:
09 Jul 2015 20:19

We had to leave early where can I get my photo ref number

Louise Fairweather-Chapman says:
17 Jul 2015 14:34


As an Awards Day graduate I would like to congratulate the RAD on a meticulously organised day. My family guests and I found the whole event thoroughly enjoyable with everyone present socializing in an extremely comfortable and friendly manner.

The speeches were exceptionally delivered with some light-hearted amusing lines which were much appreciated. The afternoon tea was exquisitely presented and the photography efficiently and professionally delivered meeting all requirements. The Quintabile brass ensemble provided the finishing touch.

Our President Darcey Bussell made the day even more special by posing in a few additional photographs much to our delight!

Once again thank you for a magnificently memorable day.

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