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Boston Conservatory at Berklee announces partnership with the RAD

24 Aug 2016 / Tags: USA, Higher education

Boston Conservatory at Berklee announces partnership with the RAD
Boston Conservatory at Berklee will become the first performing arts institution in the United States to offer students a ballet teaching qualification in partnership with the Royal Academy of Dance.

Beginning in May 2017, the new partnership will allow students at Boston Conservatory at Berklee to become eligible for Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teacher Status (RTS) once they complete both online coursework and a practical module. The program is designed to expand a student dance instructor’s thinking, and ­has a strong emphasis on the evolution of movement, age and developmentally appropriate pedagogy, and movement theory.

A recognized teaching qualification
Cathy Young, dean of dance for Boston Conservatory at Berklee, called the new partnership an incredible opportunity for students to grow and impact the breadth and depth of dance instruction for generations to come:

“I think it is fair to say that the Royal Academy of Dance is the most widely recognized dance teacher certification organisation in the world, known for the excellence and depth of its pedagogy and teacher training. This gives our students not only access to a great wealth of knowledge about teaching dance, but also a recognised teaching qualification that will allow them to find work anywhere.”

A world-class teaching credential can also be a powerful asset to a dancer’s career as a performer. While most Boston Conservatory at Berklee students will secure opportunities as performers once they graduate, like most professional dancers they will also supplement their income through teaching. The Royal Academy of Dance certificate opens the door to teaching in 80 countries and graduates will also be given access to the RAD International Jobs database.

An exciting prospect
Michelle Groves, Director of Education for the Royal Academy of Dance, expressed the importance of this partnership to the Academy and its global business model:

“I am delighted that the Royal Academy of Dance is partnering with such an established and respected institution as Boston Conservatory at Berklee. The opportunity to train and support RAD Registered teachers throughout North America is an exciting prospect for the Royal Academy of Dance and as such we are committed to nurturing and developing this partnership for the future.”

Learn more about dance at Boston Conservatory at Berklee.

Get more information on the RAD Access Route.

Photo © Sue Barnes

Julia says:
29 Nov 2017 17:15
Do you have PDTD program at Boston Conservatory at Berklee this summer?

Ria Sarantaridou says:
18 Dec 2017 09:25
Dear Julia,
No, we don't - our collaboration with Boston Conservatory at Berklee is an access route to Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teacher Status (RTS). We offer the PDTD programme in the UK and China, more details of this programme can be found here: https://www.royalacademyofd[…]-dancers-teaching-diploma-1
We hope this clarifies.
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