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Building the buzz around boys ballet!

21 Mar 2016 / Tags: Boys Ballet

Building the buzz around boys ballet!
The announcement of Iain Mackay as the RAD's inaugural Male Dance Ambassador generated a lot of interest over the weekend.

Both the Telegraph and BBC Radio 2's Arts Show with Jonathan Ross featured interviews with Iain, highlighting the increasing popularity of ballet and dance generally among boys. Both also look at the huge benefits of ballet technique to improve posture and fitness, and how it can cross over into other activities such as sport. 

The key, as Iain sees it, is finding something for young boys to relate to, especially if they haven't been exposed to ballet in the past. In his boys ballet masterclasses he works on dances based on video games, super heroes and ideas that resonate with the youngsters. He is also keen to dismiss the 'girly' reputation of ballet, underlining the fact that male ballet dancers are actually physically more akin to elite athletes.

Read the Telegraph article and listen to Iain with Jonathan Ross (from 1hr 29 min 30sec).

Find out more about Iain's appointment along with details of more upcoming boys ballet classes.


Photo: Amanda Leask.

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