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Wonder Women

07 Mar 2019

Wonder Women
To celebrate International Women's Day 2019, we are looking back at Anna Winter’s interview with three inspirational women: former Royal Ballet Director Dame Monica Mason, choreographer and founder of hip hop dance company ZooNation Kate Prince, and choreographer and BBC Young Dancer finalist, Vidya Patel, originally published in Dance Gazette Issue 2 – 2018. In this interview, Dance Gazette celebrates dancing women as leaders, creators and role models.

A century since the first British women got the vote, the spirit of suffrage and the battle for equality lives on – just think gender pay gap revelations and the #MeToo movement. In the dance industry, the vast majority of participants are women but most powerful directors and choreographers are male. A pertinent issue as  International Women’s Day 2019 focuses on gender-balance to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality.  

However, this could be set to change with trailblazers such as Kate Prince leading the way. She explained to Dance Gazette, ‘I don’t want to leave other women behind just because I’m doing ok.’ Read how Dame Monica managed to gain equal pay for female dancers at the Royal Ballet, how these women broke into the choreographic dance world, and Dame Monica Mason and Kate Prince discuss how leadership feels and why so few women make it to the top.

From the same issue,  we ask well-known figures in the dance world to tell us who are women- in dance and life- who shape them, including the 10 mighty women who shaped the RAD. The full article is available here.

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