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Examiner training - students needed

17 Jul 2017 / Tags: Exams

Examiner training - students needed
October and November 2017 will see the start of the latest examiner training programme at RAD headquarters, and we would like to offer students the opportunity to take part in mock exams.

Many students find that taking part in the Examiners’ Training Programme is great preparation for exams.  You’ll need to know the syllabus for the level you are entering, but don’t need to be exam-polished. We’ll be holding mock exams for all levels from PID – Advanced 2.

Programme details:

  • Provisional dates are 26 October until 17 November
  • The minimum group size for participation for Levels PID up to Grade 7 is two candidates from the same teacher.
  • Vocational and Grade 8 students can enter on their own if they wish.
  • Mock exams will be running on weekdays and some Sundays - an absence letter for schools can be provided. 
  • They will also be observed and marked by a group of trainees and a training panel of approximately 12 people.
  • Reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed on submission of receipts.

To register your interest, please contact Lillian Doleman at .

Joana Pinto says:
20 Jul 2017 08:49
Does the teacher get to watch or find out results?!? Thank you
Ria Sarantaridou says:
25 Jul 2017 13:32
Dear Joana,

Unfortunately, due to space constraints, it is not possible for teachers to watch, as there were already be a panel of approximately 12 people present for the mock examination. We would not be able to provide feedback or results to candidates, as the mocks will be conducted by trainee examiners who will still have to undergo training before officially joining the Panel. However, the mock is an excellent opportunity for both the trainee examiners and candidates to practice the format and running of the examination, even without this feedback.
Liz Turner says:
20 Jul 2017 21:22
My daughter Amelie would be interested. She is in a grade 5 class with Daisy Lee who has expressed an interest too. They go to Ripley Academy of Dance.
Ria Sarantaridou says:
25 Jul 2017 13:58
Dear Liz,

Thank you for your interest - we have received your request and will be in touch with further information in due course.
Melissa says:
23 Aug 2017 05:13
Only for UK students?
Ria Sarantaridou says:
23 Aug 2017 10:27
Dear Melissa,
Overseas students are welcome! However, we can only cover travel expenses within London. Please feel free to contact Lillian on to discuss further.
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