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Examiner training - students needed

04 Jul 2018 / Tags: UK, Exams

Examiner training - students needed
October and November 2018 will see the start of the latest examiner training programme at RAD headquarters, and we would like to offer students the opportunity to take part in mock exams.

Many students find that taking part in the Examiners’ Training Programme is great preparation for exams. They’ll need to know the syllabus for the level they are entering, but don’t need to be exam-polished. We’ll be holding mock exams for all levels from PID – Advanced 2, including all the new Discovering Repertoire levels.

Programme details

  • Programme dates are 22 October until 15 November
  • The minimum group size for participation for Levels PID up to Grade 7 is two candidates from the same teacher.
  • Vocational Graded, Discovering Repertoire and Grade 8 students can enter on their own if they wish.
  • Mock exams will be running on weekdays and some Sundays - an absence letter for schools can be provided. 
  • They will be observed and marked by a group of trainees and a training panel of approximately 15 people.
  • As a thank you, the RAD Shop is pleased to offer mock candidates 10% discount on gifts, casual clothing and stationery items on the day of the mock examination.

To register your interest, please contact Lillian Doleman at .

2017 feedback
'I just wanted to say a great big thank you to everyone at the RAD for making my students feel so welcome and at ease. The parents told me they were treated "like royalty" and the children "were buzzing" after their mock exam. The children told me even though there were 15 examiners, they really enjoyed the experience and have been so motivated since their return.' - Teacher Janet Seymour

'Two of my students have just returned from the RAD headquarters where they were "guinea pigs" for the examiners' exams. What a wonderful experience! They were made to feel so welcome and at ease that they both really enjoyed their day despite being "examined" by 15 examiners! Thank you RAD. '- Facebook feedback

Emma Wouldham says:
19 Oct 2018 18:05
Lucy is studying for Intermediate. Would be interested in this, possible with one other student from he4 class.

Do you have any Sunday sessions available?

Thank you.
Ria Sarantaridou says:
22 Oct 2018 14:45
Dear Emma,

Thank you for your interest in these classes. Unfortunately, we have no Sunday slots available. Intermediate has been a very popular level!

With kind regards,

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