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London & Middlesex Regional Awards Day

02 May 2017 / Tags: UK, Awards, Regional

London & Middlesex Regional Awards Day
On 12 March, 75 students plus an audience of parents and teachers, gathered at RAD headquarters to take part in the three Awards organised by the Regional Committee.

The students enjoyed the three challenging and inspiring classes, which were taken by Kate Swainston and accompanied by Richard Norris. They were adjudicated by Susan Robinson and Raquel Ashton who felt that there was a high standard.

The results were as follows:

Sallie Lewis Award

Winner: Evie Hough (Joyce Mason Academy)
Runner-up: Nicole Chan-Fook (Van Niekerk Academy)
Musicality: Rose Adrian (Horniman Dance School)

London Region Award

Winner: Lydia Hough (Joyce Mason Academy)
Joint runners-up:
- Melissa Cornet-Clark (Marble Hill Studios)
-Josh Lowman (Brenda Taylor)
Musicality: Isla Burr (JH Ballet School)

Ruth French Award

Winner: Stella Casson-du-Mont (Van Niekerk Academy)
Runner-up: Jekyoung Lee (RAD School Jennifer Hale)
Musicality: Rebecca Dodd (Brenda Taylor)

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