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New endorsed CPD provider

06 Apr 2017 / Tags: CPD

New endorsed CPD provider
CPD Endorsed Providers are organisations that offer learning activities allowing dance teachers to enhance their knowledge and skills. By giving endorsement, the RAD is confirming that the content, format and hours involved are appropriate for the subject matter and for participants.

Online, on demand CPD courses that are made for dance teachers. Dance Knowledge delivers accessible CPD courses translating the latest research for direct application into studio practice. The courses are built by dance scholars, Dr Luke Hopper (biomechanics) and Dr Shona Erskine (psychology), who provide insight into the latest evidence-based practices for dance educators. Courses are available on demand and CPD completion certificates are delivered immediately to your inbox. 

Try a FREE two-hour introductory course and follow Dance Knowledge on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

Contact Luke Hopper at  with any questions, queries, or comments.

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