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Parents learn ballet for Children in Need

16 Nov 2018

Footlight Performance Academy, a school in Dorset which enters students for RAD exams, recently gave parents the chance to learn a ballet syllabus in aid of Children in Need, raising over £7000.

The parents were taught ballet exercises and routines by RAD Registered Teacher, Leanne Dade, inspired by the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, which their children have been studying, and even took special in-house mock 'exams'.

As well as contributing toward a worthwhile cause, the parents and grandparents found themselves with an appreciation for the hard work that their children put into their dancing:

"It was so lovely for us to gain an insight into the hard work and practice the girls put in to preparing for their ballet exams- even the ring of the bell made me a little nervous!"

"It was a brilliant insight into the classes that my 7 year- old son has. He took great pleasure in correcting my posture and telling me where I was going wrong! I enjoyed every second of my classes, although I was surprised how nervous I was waiting to go through the door on exam day! The laughter and camaraderie between myself and the other parents was great. It was an experience I will cherish and never forget." 

"It was an unforgettable experience! It has definitely made me appreciate how hard our little darlings work to pass their ballet exams. I enjoyed it so much that I’ve signed up to DDMIX. Thanks for awakening my passion for dance."

"It was a brilliant experience, bought back some fond and nervous memories of my own...waiting outside the exam room for the ring of the bell was a real flashback! Although it lasted for only 6 weeks I made some lovely new friends and have laughed a lot! I feel proud of my daughter and her fondness of’s lovely to share a bit of it with her!"

"For a dad to experience this with his daughter. Perfect in every way. Just perfect."

Congratulations to all involved for their hard work!

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