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The RAD syllabus: A musical journey

03 Jan 2014

A short film about the making of the music for the new Academy's syllabi.

On the occasion of the launch of the Academy's new Grades 4-5, Jonathan Still and Andrew Holdsworth compiled this short documentary about the making of the music for the Academy's new syllabi over a period of 6 years, starting from the first discussions about the music for Pre-Primary in Dance in 2007, through to the recording of music for the Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate levels, Grades 1-3, Advanced Foundation Male and Female and Advanced Female 1 and 2 and, finally, Grades 4-5.

The film documents the story of the places, individuals, ensembles, people, ideas and processes that were involved through short film clips, photo journals and a commentary about the journey by Jonathan and Andrew themselves.

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