Joshua Price

Joshua Price

Genée Alumni

Joshua Price


I started dancing at age 8, after a close friend of mine was taking classes. I have always wanted to dance, but my family and I had limited exposure to the arts and therefore, didn’t see it as anything more than a bit of fun. Those few afternoon classes soon turned into a much more, and I really started to want this as my career.

At 14, I began distance education as schooling in search for full-time based training. After 3 years of training with Janice Heale and Amanda Bollinger in RAD, Cecchetti and Vaganova, my teachers decided that it was time for the next chapter in my training and to look at overseas school placement. I competed in the Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship 2016, Genée International Ballet Competition 2016, and Prix de Lausanne 2017 before gaining a place at San Francisco Ballet School as a trainee for 2017/18.

Genée experience

Energetic, demanding, rewarding!

What did you learn from the Genée?

What stuck with me the most was how many talented dancers had come from all around the world to celebrate the art of ballet. It’s amazing to be immersed in an international setting where we all share the same goals and dreams. It really opened my mind to the
culture of ballet throughout the world.

What is your fondest memory from the competition?

My favourite memory of the Genée International Ballet Competition was competing in the finals. The atmosphere amongst the other competitors was such a shift from the usual competition scene. It felt as though we were united – we had all made it so far and now it was just time to enjoy it. And then to have received the Gold Medal and the Audience Choice award – it was all so surreal.

Do you have any advice for future candidates?

Don’t treat this as a competition as such, take it as a learning experience and a growing experience and really cherish the memories made thorough the week. Awards and progressing to finals it’s just a bonus but it does not define the whole value of the Genée.

Would you recommend the competition to others?

Absolutely! The Genée was one of the highlights of my journey so far. Working with world class teachers, learning a brand new choreographic piece and having the on-stage, professional experience really helps you expand as a dancer and as a person.

How did the Genée benefit you personally or professionally?

Competing at the Genée prepared me for a lot of real-world challenges. Learning a new choreography in a week and performing it on stage, being live streamed while dancing on the Opera House stage, having media interviews and learning to introduce yourself to new people. I developed so many new skills which I carry with me into professional environments.

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