Elisha Matthews (Australia)

Elisha Matthews (Australia)

Dance had proven to be an effective part of my physical therapy and my neurologist recommended I continue. It has been vital to my health and wellbeing this part 12 months particularly.

As a child, I did Eisteddfod, Tap and Jazz Ballet. I found the Silver Swans group through my local Facebook community page. At the time I hadn’t left my apartment on my own in about three months to go anywhere, other than the grocery store. I had just moved to a new area after a divorce and didn’t know anyone. When I saw the class advertised I thought it might be the right level for me.

I was diagnosed with a neurological movement disorder many years ago. I had previously participated in the Dance for Parkinson’s program at Queensland Ballet but when I was no longer able to drive it was difficult for me to get to. The Ascot School of Dance was only a short bus ride from my home so I contacted Marilyn and asked if she would be able to accommodate my disability. I had tried many other dance schools and none were willing to accommodate me or allow me to make adjustments.

Marilyn and the other Swans have welcomed me with open arms. Not only has my movement and balance improved since taking the class, my mental health has also. My medical team are thrilled with how well I’ve improved. I didn’t just find a dance class. I found a community. The ladies have become great friends. We have coffee after class every week, and often catch up for other social events. They are my tribe. I am so grateful to Marilyn for opening this class to us. It’s not just for older women, it’s for all women but it’s also great for disabilities too.

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