About Dame Adeline Genée

Born in Denmark and trained from an early age by her uncle, Alexander Genée. In 1897 she began a six-week contract at London’s Empire Theatre with such success that she stayed for 10 years.

Founding President of the Association of Operatic Dancing of Great Britain (which would later become the Royal Academy of Dance) – Adeline Genée became the first-ever President of the RAD, a position she held until her retirement in 1954.

She played a major part in the development of the organisation, including not only the achievement of its Royal Chartership in 1935 but furthering the Academy’s reputation across the globe through numerous dancing tours to America, Australia and New Zealand.

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How it all began

Find out more about Adeline Genée's contribution to the founding of the RAD.
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Genée’s influence on the Academy

Find out more about Adeline Genée's impact in furthering the reputation of the RAD.
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