22 May 2019 11:46

Project B Dance Challenge 2019 Winners Announced

Sunday 12 May saw the second ever Project B Dance Challenge take place at the Royal Academy of Dance. 13 talented young male dancers from across the UK were in competition for 2 prizes: The Kevin O’Hare Scholarship, and the Project B Tuition Award.

The competition gives candidates an opportunity to be part of the creative process and perform in front of an audience. Candidates are judged on a solo choreographed by themselves, their teacher or a peer. Our Artistic Director, Gerard Charles, judged the competition, with Josh Tuifua taking class and coaching the candidates’ solos.

The candidates were delighted to find out that Director of The Royal Ballet, Kevin O’Hare, had attended the performance and was there to present the prize to the winner of the scholarship in his name: “I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see the tremendous energy and potential on display in this year’s Dance Challenge. My congratulations to Arthur and all the young dancers involved for showing that the future for men in dance is bright.”


Kevin O’Hare Scholarship

Arthur Owen, aged 9 (Teacher: Heidi Hardy)

Arthur said: “I think winning the Project B dance challenge was completely amazing. I loved all of it but especially the opportunity to perform at the Royal Academy of Dance. I think everybody, including boys, should feel able to dance if it makes them happy, and dancing makes me feel very happy!”

Project B Tuition Award

Alec West, aged 10 (Teacher: Jennifer Spafford)

Alec said: “Backstage, before I performed my dance, I didn’t think I stood a chance of winning, since all the other boys were such amazing dancers; but, I still danced my best and performed my piece as well as I could. I loved the whole experience of preparing for the Project B Dance Challenge, and enjoyed my day at the RAD. I am so happy to have won the Project B Tuition Award, and I’m looking forward to going to the summer school. Thank you for the opportunity.”


First Prize – Kevin O’Hare Scholarship

This was made possible by an anonymous donation in Kevin O’Hare’s name. The scholarship entitles the recipient to one-week’s tuition and accommodation at the RAD Dartington Summer School in 2019 or 2020.

Second Prize – Project B Tuition Award

The Project B Tuition Award also entitles the winner to one-week’s tuition at the RAD London Summer School in 2019 or 2020.