About Project B

RAD launched Project B in June 2017 – with an investment commitment of over £30,000 over three years – as a campaign that aims to:

  • increase the number of boys taking part in dance activities by 2020,
  • promote more male role models in the world of dance,
  • fire boys’ imaginations with new dance partnerships inspired by sports and superheroes,
  • provide more ‘boys only’ workshops and masterclasses, along with bursaries and financial support for tuition, and
  • offer financial support to encourage more men to train as dance teachers, as well as new resources for existing teachers.

The campaign aims to break down stereotypes to show that dance is just as physical and demanding as many sports…and is not something that only girls can do. And through financial support, advocacy and innovative initiatives made possible by Project B, we’re taking active steps to get more boys dancing.

In the beginning

In June 2017 we issued a challenge to boys and men all over the world to be part of Project B on the basis of a strong belief that dance is for everyone, regardless of age, sex or ability.

As RAD’s first Male Dance Ambassador, Iain Mackay – former Principal Dancer at Birmingham Royal Ballet – created inspiring choreography to get boys and men of all ages and abilities with dancing. This drew on his experiences as a dancer, a teacher, and a father.

Iain adapted the ballet vocabulary, drawing inspiration from classical ballet movements to other aspects of popular culture, and was showcased worldwide with the help of Seenit crowdsourcing technology.

‘Boys only’ activities

We have committed to staging a range of male-specific workshops and masterclasses in the UK each year…and other countries (including Australia and New Zealand) have followed suit. These provide more opportunities for male students to access dance.

Search for Boys Only and Project B in our What’s on? section to find out more.


A major focus of Project B has been to create new bursaries for both male dancers and male dance teachers.


Project B thrives on collaboration – including recent partnerships with the producers of male dance documentary Danseur, and with Marylebone Cricket Club to fuse cricket coaching and dance teaching.