Questions for the 2019 Finalists

What would you ask a competition finalist? The 2019 cohort recently took to our Instagram stories to answer your burning questions.

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Do you practice any other genres?

“I practice a couple of different genres. I also study contemporary, jazz, tap and modern, but my focus is ballet.” London


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“I do ballet mainly, but I also do contemporary, tap, hip hop, jazz, gymnastics and character.” Darrion


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What’s your best training tip?

“Listen to your teachers! Work as hard as you can every day, don’t waste any time when you could be working on yourself.” Primrose


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Is the Genée everything you expect it to be?

“It’s more than I expected. We’ve had long coaching days, which is great.” Primrose

How do you deal with nerves?

“I usually deal with nerves by taking deep breaths and mentally preparing myself to not fumble on stage. If I’m not mentally prepared, my body won’t be prepared.” Julian.

How are you feeling?

“I’m feeling nervous, but excited. I feel like I have prepared enough to go on stage and enjoy everything and give a good show.” Anya


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What are you most nervous about? What has made this experience worthwhile?

“Getting to work on Gioconda’s piece has made me think about my  approach to movement, and has me me consider my movement quality in a different way. I’m most nervous about pleasing myself with my performance, regardless of the outcome of the competition.  I want to be able to give the audience something.” Sophie

What is your inspiration to keep working?

“My inspiration to keep working is the thought of one day being able to fulfill my dream of getting into a ballet company!” London

What’s been the best part about this experience?

“Using what I learnt in the studio to apply to my performance. I felt prepared for performances and like I could bring something new to my solos, and that they had been developed.” Caitlin


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What is the best part and hardest part of the Genée?

“Best part is the boarding! It doesn’t feel like a competition. The hardest part is the stamina required for the long days.” Primrose.

Favourite part of the Genée experience?

“I really liked getting to know different people and see how they dance. It’s inspiring to meet so many great dancers. I also loved working with Gioconda and learning the new piece. The process creating it was amazing.” Beatriz.

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