Fondus: Primary – Grade 2

Important information

Any child participating in this activity must have a suitable parent/guardian present or have their consent to participate in this activity. And, as with any form of physical exercise, it is important that you prepare your child beforehand to move safely.

Please make sure you have read any instructions, carefully taking note of any advice on age appropriateness or any necessary prior experience.

Given the nature of these activities, you must assess any risk to your child taking part, and only allow them to take part those activities that you consider safe for them in the space in which you they are working. Before you child takes part, please make sure that they have enough clear space that it is free of obstacles, and suitable to work in safely. Make sure that the floor surface is appropriate to work on and that they have footwear appropriate for that surface. As we are working remotely, we are unable to give personal feedback.


  • Before they begin, remember that it is vital that your child warms up and cools down before and after any exercises.
  • If something hurts, they must stop immediately! These exercises should not cause pain or discomfort. Every ‘body’ is different, and your child should work within their own limitations.
  • Please make sure that your child is encouraged to take things at their own pace. As this is an online activity, you can pause, stop, and restart whenever you need to.
  • If the teacher gives pointers about things to watch for in any particular exercise, please help your child monitor these considerations.

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