13 June 2022 10:16

RAD Meets Toshima

Toshima International City Of Arts & Culture and RAD Japan are collaborating on a new photographic project.

Toshima is a ward in Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the eight central wards of the Tokyo Metropolitan area. located in the northern area of Tokyo. Toshima Ward faced the challenge of a negative reputation and a declining population, becoming known as the “ward at risk of disappearing”. The International City of Arts and Culture Vision was created to improve the image of Toshima, using arts and culture to make it a “ward of choice”.

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Photographic collaboration

Toshima International City Of Arts & Culture and Royal Academy of Dance Japan collaborated on a photographic project. This project was possible due to a grant of £2,000 from Toshima Ward. Toshima Ward and Ikebukuro are among the most popular areas of Tokyo, and have been the focus of development around culture and the arts, and RAD Japan has been there since the beginning.