Rising Above through Dance

As the RAD, its teachers, students and wider community are struggling to adapt to the impact of the pandemic, one of our teachers in Singapore, Ms Lim Soo Chern shared her personal story of how she has coped so far, arriving at the conclusion that the RAD means, Rising Above Doom! This inspired us to create this series of stories about how dance has helped people to get through the challenges in their lives.

At this difficult time in our world’s history when so much of our daily personal and professional lives has changed, there is value in reflecting on the power of dance, and the role that dance has played in so many different contexts in helping individuals and communities to rise above incredibly challenging and adverse circumstances. We have chosen some inspiring stories about dance during World War II to tie in to the upcoming VE Day celebrations. We also have three pieces from the Dance Gazette archives to share with you.

We will be sharing more over the coming weeks.

War stories

Business as usual

Valerie Guy shares her story of dancing under German occupation in Jersey.
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Dancing through the war

Angela Redgrave looks back on dancing with the Entertainments National Service Association.
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The Silver Swan twins

The story of Betty and Beryl whose ballet dancing was interrupted by evacuation.
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Dance Gazette stories

Survivors – Issue 1, 2016

Despite the conflict in Syria, dance teachers and students cross its ravaged capital every day.
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Resistance Movement – Issue 2, 2019

The arrest of an Iranian schoolgirl who posted videos of her dancing, shows how dance can ignite protest.
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War Wounds – Issue 1, 2020

From battlefield to barre, artists who use dance to confront the brutal experience of war.
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