Six Questions for Gerard Charles

Our Artistic Director, Gerard Charles, recently took to our Instagram stories to answer your burning competition questions.

What advice do you have for young dancers?

Listen to all advice, but do not lose sight of who you are and what you value in dance.

Why did you choose Gioconda Barbuto as the Commissioned Choreographer?

I wanted our candidates to have a real experience of being part of the creative process. Gioconda is not only a talented choreographer who works in this manner but also a most generous and supportive artist who I felt ideal for this situation.

What is the most important characteristic for an aspiring dancer?

Tenacity. To go beyond our given gifts, to find a successful path through any adversities.

What do you focus on when coaching dancers?

Dancers come carefully prepared so I do not wish to change who they are, so I focus on bringing out their positive attributes.

What does it really take to become a professional dance?

Back to tenacity, plus focused work, definitely artistry, and a clear idea of what you wish to achieve.

What is the hardest part of your job as Artistic Director?

While focusing full time on the Genée competition keeping up with every other aspect of my work for the RAD is the biggest challenge. There is always more I wish to do than the time to do it.