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19th Century Social Dance

08 hours
A one-day workshop focusing on 19th Century Social dance – The First set of Quadrilles followed by the set of Quadrilles known as Le Varietes Parisiennes which contain a wide range of dance rhythms and more complex spatial patterns.


The aims of this workshop are to provide a practical experience of 19th Century Social dance and to offer alternative approaches for teachers to:

  • provide repertoire that within the context of the class allows for a sense of form and performance for a range of participants and teaching contexts. 
  • explore ways in which this repertoire can extend classical ballet training and repertoire. 
  • provide performance repertoire that is suitable for the technical abilities of the older and recreational dancers.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the workshop attendees will have gained:

  • Knowledge, understanding and embodiment of a selection of the dance repertoire.
  • Some insights into the historical context that links the steps, patterns and shared aesthetic qualities of Classical Ballet and 19th century social dance.
  • Knowledge of effective ways of delivering the material within their own teaching contexts.
  • An understanding of how the steps and the spatial patterns can be used within the context of a ballet class, as well as understand and embody ways in which the spatial patterns of the Quadrille can be used with academic steps to provide an additional element to education and training in the studio.
  • An understanding of how these patterns can provide a means by which the class participants (including older learners and recreational dancers) can move for more extended periods of time and thus improve overall fitness and wellbeing.
  • An understanding of how 19th Century dances can provide a 'social interaction' through the dance for all levels of participants